Commercial/Industrial/Apartment Properties

An Attractive Site for Development

Located north of Boston at the intersection of Routes 93 and 95, Woburn is an attractive site for commercial and industrial real estate.

As of January 1, 2023, there were 437 commercial parcels, 446 industrial parcels and 113 mixed-use (commercial and residential) parcels.

Required Reporting of Income & Expense Information

As part of the annual revaluation of all real estate, and in order to enable the assessors to establish a fair assessment of each property, it is requested that the owners of each industrial, commercial, or mixed-use property supply financial operating data for each property. This information is treated confidentially and will not be released to any party.

Laws Governing Reporting

Authority to request this information is provided in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, Sec. 38D. Failure of an owner or lessee to comply with this request within 60 days of submission or false statements may bar him/her from any statutory appeal. In addition, $250 may be added to the taxes levied for the upcoming fiscal year to owners or lessees who fail to submit the information at the time and in the form prescribed.


Financial data of property owners is requested each year.  These forms are mailed out and should be submitted timely.  Copies of these forms are available in the Download Center on this website.  Follow this link to select the appropriate form for filing (Commercial, Industrial, Mixed Use or Hotel).

Income and Expense Forms

FY 2025 Commercial and Industrial Income and Expense Form
FY 2025 Commercial and Industrial Rent Roll
FY 2025 Hotel Income and Expense Form
FY 2025 Mixed Use Income and Expense Form
FY 2025 Mixed Use Rent Roll
FY 2025 Apartment Income and Expense Form
FY 2025 Apartment Rent Roll
FY 2025 Assisted Living Income and Expense Form
FY 2025 Assisted Living Rent Roll
FY2025 Billboard Income and Expense Form
FY2025 Self Storage Instructions P1
FY2025 Self Storage Expense Form