City Clerk Bio

History of Office of the City Clerk

The City Clerk is the oldest continuous office in the city’s municipal government with its roots going back to the original Town Recorder and subsequent Town Clerk. The office of the City Clerk was established when the new City Charter was adopted effective in 1889. The office is appointed by majority vote of the City Council. From 1889 to 1902, the position was appointed annually and thereafter for three-year terms. In 1946, the office came under civil service protection with an indefinite term, subject to removal by the City Council.

Lindsay E. Higgins 2021 to present
William C. Campbell 1997 to 2021
Naomi G. Foley 1991 to 1997
John Darcy 1986 to 1991
John J. Ryan, Jr. 1966 to 1986
Margaret G. (Fitzgerald) Kane 1938 to 1966
William E. Kane 1926 to 1937
James A. McLaughlin 1918 to 1925
J. Fred Maloney 1915 to 1918
William H. Murray 1915
Bernard F. McHugh 1912 to 1915
Dennis L. Sullivan 1911
John H. Finn 1894 to 1911
Edward H. Lounsbury 1893
David F. Moreland 1889 to 1892