Campaign Finance Law

Note: The campaign finance reports of candidates will be posted on the city’s website for six years from the date of filing. For more information, go to

Massachusetts State law requires candidates and incumbent office holders, except for Mayor, to disclose campaign finance activity (receipts, expenditures or liabilities) through the filing of campaign finance reports with the City Clerk. Candidates and incumbents for the office of Mayor file the reports with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF). Reports must be filed by all candidates no later than eight days before the election date when their name is on the ballot (preliminary election and general election). Also, all incumbents, candidates and former candidates with funds on hand or with outstanding liabilities must file a year-end report by January 20th of each year.

The following are links to educational materials and forms that you may find helpful for municipal elections:

Campaign Finance Checklist

Municipal Candidates Who File with Local Election Officials

Campaign Finance Guide: Municipal Candidates

Campaign Finance Guide: Committee Treasurer

Campaign Finance Guide: Public Employees, Public Buildings, Public Property

Campaign Finance Guide: Public Employees, Public Resources and Political Activity

Common Errors Made When Completing Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign Finance Disclosure in Municipal Elections

Public Employees and Campaigns Fact Sheet

Annual Campaign Contribution Limits

Municipal Campaign Finance Report – An online form that can be completed, printed and filed with the City Clerk.

Municipal Campaign Finance Report – no financial activity

Change of Treasurer/Acceptance of office by new Treasurer

Candidate’s Committee Statement of Organization – Form must be filed before funds can be raised or expended by a campaign committee.

Reporting Out-of-Pocket Campaign Expenditures

How to Report Out-of-Pocket Expenditures (Local Filers)

How to report out-of-pocket expenditures: Local Filers (Video)

Campaign Finance Reports for municipal candidates who file locally (not Mayor) (Video)