Political Signs

Woburn Municipal Code Title 9, Article III, Section 9-17(B) – Political Signs


A political sign is a sign designed, used or intended to induce voters to vote for either the passage or defeat of a measure appearing on the ballot of any election, or for either the election or defeat of a candidate for nomination or election to any public office in any election, and includes without limitation banners, campaign signs, posted handbills and notices of any kind.

Time limitations

Political signs may be displayed in connection with an election beginning no earlier than thirty days prior to the primary or preliminary election and continuing up to five days after the date of the election. If election signs pertain not only to a primary or preliminary election but also to a succeeding general election, they may be displayed until the general election and shall be removed within five days after the date of the general election.

Signs on Private Property

Political signs erected on private property shall be no larger than four (4) square feet in area. No person shall erect or display, or cause or authorize any person to erect or display, any election sign on any property not owned or controlled by such person, unless authorized to do so by the owner or other person in control of such property.

Prohibited on public property – No person shall erect or display, or cause or authorize any person to affix, erect, display, place or post any political sign on any public property or utility pole or within a public right-of-way, on traffic signs, signals, or devices including directional signs, advisory signs, regulation signs and traffic-signalized intersections, or where signs may be obstructed from the driver’s view. Election signs on public property may be removed without notice by members of the Police Department or the Department of Public Works. The Chief of Police or the Superintendent of Public Works, as the case may be, shall cause a list of election signs removed from public property to be filed with the City Clerk for public information. The City Clerk shall retain such lists for a period of thirty (30) days following the general election or until any litigation is concluded.

Traffic hazards

No political sign shall be placed in a manner that would obstruct visibility to pedestrian or vehicular traffic or which shall constitute a traffic hazard in the discretion of the Chief of Police or his subordinate officers.