Commission on Disability


The Woburn Commission on Disability is a volunteer group that aids in answering questions and serving the needs of the disabled community in the City of Woburn.  The Commission meets on a monthly basis and meetings are open to the public. Currently all meetings are on a virtual basis and are posted in the upcoming meetings section on this website.


The Woburn Commission on Disability members are volunteer positions that require attendance and active participation at monthly meetings.  The goal is to work together as a Commission and with the City of Woburn to ensure safe and equal access throughout the community, to promote education of disability issues and to address the questions and concerns of residents with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other related issues.If you are interested in learning more about the Commission and/or becoming involved, please contact our telephone message line at 781-897-5893 or send mail to City Hall addressed to us!


All inquiries regarding a request for residential handicapped parking space(s) should be directed to the Woburn Traffic Commission.  The Traffic Commission reviews all applications and is the authority in granting these types of requests.

Inquiries-Contact Us

If you have a disability-related concern, question, are in need of a possible resource/assistance or have a non-compliance matter that you wish to report, please contact us via the “Noncompliant Handicapped Accessibilty Accessibility Matters and Reporting” topic on our web page, write us at, or by leaving a voicemail at 781-897-5893. Please note that our voicemail mailbox is monitored on a weekly basis and a Commission member will contact you back shortly..

Board Members

Timothy Donovan, Member, Chairperson

Cassandra Connolly, Member

Paul Scanlon, Member

Robert Toro, Member

Joseph Flaherty, Member

Jan Fuller, Member

Rosemarie Hubbard, Member


Elaine Pruyne

HR Director, ADA Director