Conservation Commission

Theresa Murphy
Conservation Administrator

City Hall
10 Common Street
Woburn, MA 01801


The Conservation Commission consists of a maximum of seven members appointed by the mayor.

The commission administers the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch 131, Sec.40), the Woburn Wetlands Ordinance (Title VII), and the state and local wetlands regulations. It has the authority to regulate activities within wetlands, riverfront (land within 200 feet of a river), and the buffer zone of land that is within 150 feet of a wetland. The commission holds public hearings, conducts site visits, and issues permits.

The Conservation Commission supports the acquisition and preservation of open space, and is concerned with the protection of our natural resources; wetlands in particular. The commission organizes Conservation Day, and runs the Community Gardens Program. The commission has promoted the planting of trees in the city through a tree program.


Meeting notices are posted in City Hall at least 48 hours prior to Public Meetings. Check with the Calendar or contact the Conservation Department office for the dates of upcoming meetings.

Hearings Rescheduled Pursuant to Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020.

Board Members

Duane P. Cleak, Chairman

John J. Tancredi Jr, Vice Chairman

Pauline S. Keane, Member

Gerald T. Lohnes, Member

Stephen M. Malone, Member

James F. Joyce II, Member

Kevin C. Meaney, Member


Theresa Murphy

Conservation Administrator