Aberjona Nature Trail

Kiosk at Entrance to the Aberjona Nature Trail
Aberjona Nature Trail

Woburn’s newest Conservation Area!
The Aberjona Nature Trail provides a place for passive recreation, education, and enjoyment of the outdoors. This new Conservation Area contains a nature trail near a diverse wetland with many public benefits. It offers a place for people to enjoy nature walking, bird watching, wildlife observation, photography, exercise, and reconnecting with nature.

How did we get this new Conservation Area?
The acquisition and development of the nature trail was made possible by the City of Woburn partnering with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and private companies. The nature trail was created as part of a successful restoration project that included site cleanup, removal of construction debris, creation of flood storage areas, and the restoration of wildlife habitat enriched with native plantings. The Conservation Commission and City of Woburn are grateful to all who worked on this wonderful project and are especially appreciative of the vision and dedication of Joe LeMay of the EPA to make this project a reality.

Visitors Welcome!
A dedicated parking area is available to allow visitors from other places to explore and enjoy this Conservation Area. Educational information stations along the nature trail allow for a deeper understanding and appreciation of this special place, and the environment in which we live. The Conservation Commission hopes it will inspire appreciation for our natural resources by people of all generations.

How to get there?
Aberjona Nature Trail is located on the left side of Rifle Range Road coming from Salem Street.


To see a map of the trail – click below

Aberjona Nature Trail Map