Community Gardens General Rules

The following general rules for the Community Gardens are posted for informational purposes only and are subject to change. A copy of the Community Gardens Rules for the current season will be given to each registered gardener.


General Rules

• Garden plots are for horticultural use only.

• Pets are not permitted in the garden area.

• All work must be performed during daylight hours.

• Temporary fences are allowed if they do not interfere with the paths. Fences shall be kept a minimum of six inches from the edge of any path and shall be maintained to keep weeds from growing on or through them. Fences (outside the organic section) must be removed at the end of garden season.

• Gardens and the paths around them must be kept clean and free of weeds. Weeds may not be discarded in paths. All cut or removed weeds shall be kept within the garden plot. Weeds may not be put in the trash barrels. Barrels are reserved for paper, plastic containers, pots, and other non-plant waste.

• Gardeners may not dump or dispose weeds, garden waste, rocks, or trash in common areas including along the garden road and in the parking area.

• The use of weed killers (herbicides) is prohibited.

• Pesticides may be used in non-organic areas only if they bear a registration number and directions for home and garden use. Pesticides shall only be used sparingly to control specific insects and diseases that are present and shall be carefully applied on a wind free day to ensure they do not enter an adjacent plot.

• All work (other than rototill work and the use of weedwhackers) shall be done with hand tools only.

• Trees, shrubs, and invasive plants (such as Amaranth) are not allowed to be planted or grown in garden plots.

• Potatoes (which present an insect control problem) may not be planted in garden plots.

• No illegal plants are permitted to be planted or brought to the community gardens.

• Sprinklers may not run unattended. Gardeners must disconnect hoses from spigots and remove them from all paths prior to leaving the Community Gardens area.

• Topsoil must be thoroughly removed from all harvested crops and retained in the garden plot.

• Gardeners are required to clean up their assigned plot at the end of the season. All corner posts used to delineate garden plots shall be left in place. All items not existing in the plot at the opening of the garden season must be removed. Weed laden fencing may not be added to trash. Corn stalks and large plantings shall be cut into pieces not greater than two feet in length and scattered in the garden plot. Any piled weeds remaining shall be scattered in the plot. Diseased plants shall be removed by placing them in plastic trash bags and leaving them near the trash barrels. Lime may be added in the fall along with grass clippings and shredded leaves to be dug into the garden.


Additional Rules for the Organic Garden Section

• The use of chemical fertilizers is strictly prohibited in the organic section.

• The use of pesticides is strictly prohibited in the organic section.



Failure to comply with the Woburn Community Gardens Rules may result in the loss of garden privileges and the forfeiture of the assigned garden plot(s).

These rules do not relieve Gardeners in any way from the need to comply with all other applicable federal and state laws, and Woburn City Ordinances.