Conservation Area Use Regulations

Excerpt from 1989 Woburn Municipal Code, as Amended

Title 12, Article VII.

VII.  Conservation Area Use Regulations

12-40    Rules and regulations designated.

As conservation areas are meant to be preserved in their natural state for their environmental value, their aesthetic importance and the public enjoyment, the following rules and regulations are established for the areas under the control of the Woburn Conservation Commission whether such control is by deed, Ordinance, or formal arrangement with other City officials or departments:

A. Signs designating those areas which are conservation lands are to be posted at the entrances to each area.

B. The conservation areas are open without charge or special permit (unless otherwise posted) to the general public from sunrise to sunset, to be used and enjoyed in conformity with these regulations.

C. The following activities are expressly prohibited:

1. The use of firearms.

2. Hunting and trapping. Excepted from this prohibition is the temporary netting/capture of wildlife for research/public health purposes, i.e., banding or blood sampling, by qualified individuals pursuant to a plan approved by the Conservation Commission; and the capture of wildlife by the City when there is a verifiable threat to public health or safety;

3. Open fires, except for organized scout groups with a camping permit issued by the Conservation Commission and a fire permit issued by the Woburn Fire Department;

4. Littering or dumping;

5. The use of motor vehicles or motorized vehicles, including off-the-road vehicles such as trail bikes and snowmobiles. Excepted from this prohibition are authorized city vehicles, emergency vehicles, and motorized wheelchairs;

6. The cutting, removing, damaging or defacing of any plant life, animal life, rocks or soils, except with the written permission of the Conservation Commission;

7. The defacement, destruction or removal of Conservation Commission signs and property or other structures such as dams, walls, fences, gates, etc., except with the written permission of the Conservation Commission;

8. The posting of unauthorized signs, advertisements or notices selling or giving away goods or circulars, or engaging in commercial activities of any nature;

9. The making of loud or disturbing noises. Excepted from this prohibition are authorized activities which have received a Special Event Permit in accordance with Title 12, Article XIV (such as the concert series), organized scout groups with a camping permit, authorized eagle scout projects, City organized activities such as Conservation Day, and work performed or ordered by the City such as repair of bridges and removal of hazardous trees or limbs which pose a threat to public health and safety; and

10. The installation of unauthorized structures including birdhouses, bird feeders or memorials.

D. In its sole discretion, the Conservation Commission may authorize trails being cut or marked, dams to be built or any structure such as a bridge, tower or handrail to be constructed.

E. Dogs or other pets must be leashed at all times. Pet waste shall be picked up and properly disposed of.

F. Fishing is allowed in accordance with state and local regulations.

G. Overnight camping in designated areas is allowed only by written permit of the Conservation Commission to be obtained in the Conservation Commission office.

H. The Conservation Commission does not assume for itself or for the City any liability of any kind for injuries to persons or damage done to their property while on conservation lands; persons entering thereon do so at their own risk.

I. These rules are in addition to any applicable state and other local regulations.

J. Visitors to conservation areas are urged to leave them cleaner than they were found, and to report violations of these rules to the Conservation Commission and the Woburn police.

K. Violations of these regulations are punishable by a fine of fifty dollars. (Prior Ch., sec. 9-A 5).

(amended 2/8/2018)