Woburn Geographic Information System (GIS)

Woburn’s GIS program is managed through the Engineering Department.  The GIS Coordinator provides maps, data, and spatial analysis to the City’s departments, boards, and committees. In addition, GIS maps and data are available to the public through the use of our online interactive mapping tools.  Read on and learn more about Woburn’s GIS.


What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital collection of maps, attribute data in the form of tables, images, and other information related together in a computer or on the Internet.  It allows users to learn not just the physical characteristics of a place, but to explore other related information.

For example, using Woburn’s interactive mapping tool, a user can search for an individual property and make their own custom map of that property.  The map might show approximate property lines, buildings, approximate locations of utilities in the street, aerial photography, etc.  It may also allow the user to learn where the water shut-off is at the street, or the current assessed value of the property, or several other pieces of information that would be of interest.


Who can use Woburn’s GIS?

Anyone can use Woburn’s GIS!  A homeowner, contractor, or realtor may find the information in Woburn’s GIS to be useful.  City Employees also use it to help with various aspects of day-to-day City business and in helping residents.  To start exploring Woburn’s GIS, click here!

To request a GIS map or plot plan fill out this form.