Horn Pond Brook Restoration and Flood Control

Flooding is the most common and serious natural hazard in Woburn and is expected to worsen due to climate change. The roads and residences in the vicinity of Horn Pond Brook already experience flooding and building this neighborhood’s resiliency is a top priority. Flooding in this area could also harm the local herring migration on the Mystic River (see MyRWA’s new herring page – https://www.mysticherring.org/), which is one of the largest in the Commonwealth. The City of Woburn has started a project to restore Horn Pond Brook, while at the same time aiming to reduce localized flooding and improve fish habitat.

Brook Restoration – Alternatives Selection

Three alternatives were developed and analyzed for the restoration and flood control of Horn Pond. The selected alternative will target improvement using nature-based techniques to improve the most impacted portions of the brook. This alternative includes the restoration of the brook to natural dimensions along the streamside apartment parking lot which would require removal of most parking spaces at this location. The widened brook would be stabilized with salvaged blocks that would be arranged to create resting pools for migrating herring. The City has applied for grant funding for construction.

Alternative 1
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The 50% Design Plans are available below:

06-30-20 50percent Plan Set


Rain Garden Design

The team will install a rain garden near the City’s water treatment plant, adjacent to Horn Pond, to capture and treat stormwater through a nature-based system that will protect the brook’s water quality. The City has applied for grant funding for construction.

rain garden design
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