Stormwater for Kids!

water cycle
image credit: National Geographic Kids

Kids love learning new things, and they love learning about nature and how things work.  Here are some great resources for kids to learn about water, stormwater, and the water cycle!

For more information about Stormwater in Woburn please see our Stormwater Management Program.

Kids Stuff!–Activities and Resources for Home

EPA Water Cycle Games

Water Word Scramble

Stormwater Activity Book from Utah State University Water Quality Extension

PBSKids Build a Watershed at home

Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater

FEMA Kids page

Learn more about Engineering and STEM!

Resources for Parents and Teachers

National Geographic Kids-The Water Cycle

EPA-Build Your Own Watershed

Woburn Stormwater Video

Think Blue Massachusetts Stormwater Video

Think Blue Massachusetts

This exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science is a great hands-on experience for kids to learn about Engineering in a river environment, and looks at stormwater, fish passages, building bridges, and more!

This page from the Grad School Resource Center explains about different types of engineering disciplines and may be helpful for those looking to purse an interest in engineering.