Employment Opportunities

Current Job Listings

The City of Woburn follows Civil Service rules and regulations for hiring most positions. The Civil Service rules and regulations are found in the Massachusetts General Laws and administered by the Human Resources Division of the Finance and Administration Department of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Civil Service hiring covers:

Additionally, there are positions Exempt from Civil Service. Hiring of those positions is done directly by the City after advertising for candidates.

The City also hires for seasonal summer positions, the applications for summer positions can be found here.

Civil Service

Civil service positions include police officers, fire fighters, and some administrative positions. All require successful completion of civil service examinations as well as interviews and other background checks. If a person would like to become a candidate for a civil service position, he or she should:

  1. Go to the city clerk’s office in any city or town and obtain the examination schedule and an application for the next examination to be given for the job or jobs he or she would like to have or he or she should visit the state’s website and consult their civil service Information
  2. Complete and submit the application for the examination.
  3. Take the examination at the scheduled time.
  4. Based on the score earned for the examination, the applicant will receive notice of job openings and can respond, if interested.

Official Service

Official service includes technical positions requiring licenses and/or examinations as well as interviews and background checks. If a person would like to become a candidate for an official services position, he or she should:

  1. Contact civil service in Boston (telephone number 617-727-3777) and arrange to take an examination for the position.
  2. In cases where the position requires licensing or certification, the applicant must arrange to submit proof of the license, etc.
  3. If the applicant is successful in the examination and/or certification, he or she will be contacted for further consideration when there are official service job openings.

Labor Service

Labor service includes laborer positions and require the filing of an application with the city as well as interviews and background checks.Veterans receive first preference on labor service positions, and there is a residential preference in labor service hiring.

Labor service hiring is delegated to the cities and towns of the Commonwealth, and the Woburn Director of Human Resources is also the labor service director for the city. If a person would like to become a candidate for a labor service position, he or she should:

  1. Come to the City of Woburn Human Resources Department or the Mayor’s Office at City Hall to obtain an application for labor service positions or print a copy of the application from the website.
  2. Complete the application fully, including all information required on front and back, then submit it along with copies of any licenses or certifications (Commercial Driver’s License, Water Treatment certifications, etc.) to the City’s Human Resources Department.
  3. Receive a letter from the Director of Human Resources after the application is processed to provide the labor service number he or she has been assigned.
  4. Respond to any interviews for labor service jobs sent by the city department regarding a job opening.