Retiree Benefit Information

City retirees may utilize the links and documents below for further information on their benefits. Any retiree seeking to submit a benefit enrollment or change forms must do so through the City’s Human Resources Department.


Employees that retire are eligible to continue their insurance upon retirement.  If a retiree chooses not to enroll during this time they will only become eligible if they can provide proof they lost insurance coverage elsewhere or during an open enrollment period. Retirees with spouses and children under the age of 26 can continue to have their family on their plan until they age out.  Spouses are eligible to maintain insurance they are enrolled in if the retiree predeceases their spouse. Benefit Information for retirees can be found below.

Contributory Health Insurance

Retirees can choose to enroll in the HMO or Indemnity plans if under the age of 65 upon retirement. The percentage the City pays of the premiums is based on your retirement date. See rate sheet below to review rates, enrollment form, and benefit plan information.

Dental Insurance

The City offers retirees dental insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The plans offered are group plans and are 100% retiree paid. See below for links to plan information, plan comparison, rate sheets and enrollment forms.

Vision Insurance

The City offers retirees vision insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The plan offered is a group plan and retirees pay 100% of the premium under group rates. See below for links to plan information, rate sheets, and enrollment forms.

Summary of Benefits for Health, Dental and Vision Insurance  Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Plan Comparison Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical and Dental Enrollment Form
Blue 2020 Vision Enrollment Form FY23 Rate Sheet for Retirees
Pharmacy Benefit Manager FAQ Effective January 1, 2023

Non Medicare Eligible Retirees

Retirees and their spouses that are not yet 65 years old or who are not eligible for Medicare Parts A & B are eligible to continue insurance through the HMO or indemnity plans offered through the City.

Summary of Benefits

Medicare Eligible Retirees 

Retirees that are 65 years or older MUST apply for Medicare Part A & B upon their retirement or when they turn 65.  The City recommends retirees to apply for Medicare three months prior to your 65th birthday so you have plenty of time to receive your Medicare card and select a supplemental plan to enroll into.  The City will notify you via mail three months prior to your 65th birthday all the information you need to enroll in Medicare A & B as well as the supplemental plan information offered through the City to retirees and their spouses.  If you apply for Medicare A & B and are not eligible you must provide the City the notice you receive stating you are not eligible and you can continue your HMO or Indemnity plan.  To apply for Medicare Parts A & B please contact the Social Security Office. The City supplemental plans provide prescription coverage therefore you DO NOT need to apply for Medicare Part D.  Medicare Plans are on a calendar year with rates changing January 1 of each year and open enrollment held in November.

2023 Managed Blue for Seniors Summary of Benefits 2023 Medex 2 Summary of Benefits
Blue Medicare Rx  Prescription Drug Plan FY23 Rate Sheet for Retirees
2023 Blue Medicare Rx Prescription Formulary


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