Human Rights Commission

Robert McNabb

City of Woburn Human Rights Commission
10 Common Street
Woburn, MA 01801


  • The Commission shall work towards mutual respect and understanding among all individuals and groups in the City through education, improving the quality of public disclosure and helping to eliminate unlawful discrimination.
  • The Commission shall work to assure that each person shall have equal access to and benefit from all public services and licensing.
  • The Commission shall work to protect each person in the enjoyment of his/her civil rights.
  • The Commission shall work to encouraging and bring about mutual understanding and respect among all persons in the community.

To file a discrimination complaint with the Human Rights Commission click on the link below and print the complaint form:

Board Members

Robert F. Rufo Jr, Chief of Police

Mathew Crowley, Superintendent of Schools

Shawna Healey, Human Resources Director

Timothy J. Donovan, Commission on Disability

Dr. Mohanan Unni, Commission Member

Marie L. Lingblom, Council of Aging

Sandra L. Lawton, Commission Member

Woburn Housing Authority, VACANT

Woburn Council of Social Concern, VACANT

Student Representative, VACANT