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Inspection Services is responsible for building, plumbing and electrical permitting and Code enforcement. The Building Commissioner is responsible for the enforcement of the Woburn Zoning Ordinance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Building Commissioner is responsible for the enforcement, administration and interpretation of the Woburn Zoning Ordinances. If the Building Commissioner is informed that any provision of the Zoning Ordinance is being violated he/she may investigate and take appropriate action as allowed.

Each offense of the Zoning Ordinance is punishable by fine up to three hundred dollars per day.

You can call or visit the Inspectional Services Department to file a complaint or you may also send a communication either by mail or electronic mail. Once this is received the complaint will be looked into and the department will notify you of outcome provided contact information has been left.

Woburn Zoning Ordinances section 5.1 tables of use regulations line 57 allows for one trailer, one unregistered automobile or one boat.

The Woburn Zoning Ordinances Section 5.1 table of use regulations specifies uses designated as “x” for a by right use, “p” which requires a special permit and “-“which would not be a permitted use. We encourage all that if they have questions regarding uses to contact Inspectional Services.
Accessory Structures are allowed within Residential Zoning Districts.Required Setbacks are 25 ft front, 12’side, 4 ft rear such structures that are within this category are sheds, pools, detached garages no larger than 900 sq ft and a maximum height of 20 ft.

The Massachusetts State Building Code states that “it shall be unlawful to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove or demolish a structure: or to change the use or occupancy of a building or structure; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this code” without first obtaining a building permit. This includes, but not limited to, new structures, additions, dormers, chimneys, decks, roofing, siding, swimming pools, wood stoves, antenna and sheds. The only exception is an ordinary repair which does not require a building permit, if unsure of ordinary repair we recommend you contact the office and speak with a Building Inspector.

All applications and instructions are available at the Inspectional Services Department lower level City Hall and are also on the City of Woburn Website in the Inspectional Services page

Work cannot proceed without a permit being issued

The State Building Code allows a maximum of 30 days in which to issue or deny a building permit, actual time can vary depending on complexity of project from 1 day to maximum of 30 day limit for large scale projects.

Yes, you will be required to obtain a permit and fee will be doubled.

Any referral from the City of Woburn would be considered a conflict of interest. There is a list of permits issued within the Inspectional Services Office that lists contractor’s name, address and phone number.

There are provisions in the State Building Code for homeowners to allow for such provided it is properly documented on the permit application and all other applicable forms.

A homeowner is defined as a person who owns a parcel of land on which he/she resides on or intends to reside, on which there is intended to be a dwelling. A person who constructs more than one home in a two year period shall not be considered a homeowner.

It is advised to visit the Inspectional Services and request the file for the property address, all files are public record and can be viewed within the Department, and copies of documents can be made at a reasonable charge per page.
A licensed Plumber and Electrician are responsible for obtaining these permits; Applications are available in the Inspectional Services Office and are also on the City of Woburn Web Site Inspectional Services Folder located in the download center. If there are questions pertaining to these types of permits you can contact the Inspectional Services Department and you will be referred to appropriate inspector.
The Inspectional Services Department is available to assist persons in answering general questions with regard to what is required to apply for permits, we encourage you to contact the office to speak with an inspector or to arrange a time that is suitable for you to come into office and discuss.


Joseph LoCoco

Building Inspector

Rich Bagni

Electrical Inspector

Joseph A. Rozzi

Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Gail Swymer

Administrative Assistant

Vicky O'Reilly

Head Clerk

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