Law Department

Mark J Salvati
City Solicitor

10 Common Street
Woburn, MA 01801


The Law Department is under the direction of the City Solicitor who is the City’s chief legal officer. The City Solicitor is responsible for providing legal advice, assistance and support to all city officials, boards, committees, commissions, department heads and employees in the lawful performance of their duties for the effective and orderly operation of local government. The City Solicitor represents the City of Woburn as a municipal corporation and does not provide legal assistance or advice to private citizens.

The City Solicitor is appointed by the Mayor in accordance with Section 32 of the Charter.

Ordinances governing the Law Department are set forth in the Municipal Code, Title 2, Article X.

Mission Statement

The Law Department’s mission is to provide such legal advice, assistance and support in a timely, effective and professional manner; to defend the City of Woburn, its officers, officials and employees in claims and litigation; to represent the City in litigation which it initiates; to draft contracts, leases, deeds and other legal instruments as necessary; to provide legal opinions when requested; and to represent the City’s interests in labor disputes.


Mark J. Salvati

City Solicitor

Theresa Borelli

Secretary to the City Solicitor