Historical Note

The position of City Solicitor was established when Woburn became a city in 1889. Under the City Charter adopted at that time, the City Solicitor was appointed by the City Council. A revised City Charter was adopted in 1897, under which the Mayor is the appointing authority.

Those who have served as City Solicitor since Woburn became a city in 1889 are as follows:

 Date  Name
 1889-1890  Francis P. Curran
 1891-1893  Charles D. Adams
 1894  Francis P. Curran
 1895  Edward H. Lounsbury
 1896  John P. Feeney
 1897  Edward H. Lounsbury
 1898-1901  Francis P. Curran
 1902  Michael J. Doyle
 1903-1905  George W. Norris
 1906-1909  Albert F. Converse
 1910-1912  Dennis L. Sullivan
 1913-1914  J. Fred Maloney
 1915-1916  Wilford D. Gray
 1917-1921  Harold P. Johnson
 1922  Philip J. Gallagher
 1923-1924  James E. Henchey
 1924  Wilford D. Gray
 1925  William H. Henchey
 1925-1926  J. Henry Rooney
 1926-1927  J. Edward Begley
 1928-1929  Stephen S. Bean
 1930  Joseph Gorrasi
 1931-1933  Stephen S. Bean
 1934-1937  James H. McLaughlin
 1938-1949  Joseph Gorrasi
 1950-1951  James E. Henchey
 1952-1955  Philip P. Dever
 1956-1959  Francis P. Cullen
 1960  William H. Henchey, Jr.
 1960  Carl B. Everberg
 1961-1963  James F. Lawton, Jr.
 1964-1968  Joseph Gorrasi
 1968-1971  Charles J. DiPanfilo
 1972  Michael A. Gatta
 1972-1977  James F. Lawton, Jr.
 1978-1985  Carol J. Muller
 1985-2001  Edward S. Robertson
 2002-2005  Thomas W. Lawton
 2006-2009  Mark R. Reich (Kopelman & Paige, P.C.)
 2010-2011  John D. McElhiney
 2012-2024  Ellen Callahan Doucette
2024 – Current Mark J. Salvati