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Woburn’s Mayor, Mike Concannon, has a long history of serving our community – both formally through elected positions, and informally through civic engagement. Prior to serving as Mayor, Mike spent 10 years on the City Council, where he served as President for two years. A long-time member of the Lions Club, Mr. Concannon was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship for his years of service and his contributions to enhancing our beloved Horn Pond, with the addition of Lions Park.

As a retired Massachusetts State Police Major and a former Undersecretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth he understands and appreciates the value of public service and how to bring out the best in people as we work together for the greater good.

A life-long learner, Mike graduated from Woburn Memorial High School, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and Suffolk University Law School.  He has been a member of the Massachusetts Bar since 1996, and taught college classes at his alma mater for a decade – furthering the education of and helping to inspire our future workforce.

Despite gratifying professional achievements, Mike’s proudest accomplishment is his family. He credits his wife Annmarie and five children – P.J., John, Tim, Bob and Katie with daily inspiration to serve our thriving community. As an active parent, you often found Mike engaged at his children’s schools and coaching on local fields, courts and rinks.

Mayor Mike Concannon is committed to leading our municipal government in a cooperative, collaborative, and respectful manner to ensure that our residents and taxpayers receive the highest quality services for their hard-earned tax dollars. Please feel free to contact the Mayor’s Office with any comments, questions or concerns.

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Michael Concannon


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Michael Concannon