Planning and Economic Development

Woburn City Hall
Second Floor
10 Common Street
Woburn MA 01801

The Woburn Planning Department

The City of Woburn Planning Department plays a vital role in shaping the city’s growth and development. The department’s primary function is to support the Planning Board and various projects throughout the city. The staff in the department are knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects of planning and development, such as land use, zoning, transportation, housing, grant writing, and sustainability. They work diligently to ensure that projects adhere to local and state regulations while simultaneously supporting the vision of the Planning Board, City Council, Mayor, and community stakeholders. The Department also oversees the process of updating the City’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, Master Plan, and Hazard Mitigation Plans. The Planning Department’s work is critical to the long-term success and sustainability of Woburn, ensuring that the city grows in a responsible and thoughtful way.

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Economic Development in Planning 

The City of Woburn is committed to promoting economic development and fostering a vibrant, business-friendly environment. Economic Development Staff is here to help new and existing businesses be successful in Woburn and create a welcoming environment that attracts and supports businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs.

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Economic Development and Planning News

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John Cashell

Planning Director

Karen Smith

Assistant Planner

Casey Hagerty

Economic Development Manager