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The Collector’s office is responsible for collecting real estate tax, personal property tax, motor vehicle excise tax, and water / sewer bills. We also handle municipal lien certificates for real estate transactions and certification of tax account status for City permits.

The Treasurer’s office is responsible for the issuing of the city’s payroll and vendor checks. We also handle properties in tax title as well as all accounts receivable for the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

30 calendar days after issuance of a bill.

All real estate property tax bills are issued on a quarterly basis on the following dates:

July 1 (preliminary)
October 1 (preliminary)
January 1 (actual)
April 1 (actual)

August 1st bill: July 1-September 30 (preliminary bill)
November 1st bill: October 1-December 31 (preliminary bill)
February 1st bill: January 1-March 31 (Actual bill)
May 1st: April 1-June 30 (Actual bill)

Failure to receive your tax bill does not excuse you from payment of taxes, or from the interest and fees that accrue on the outstanding balance(s). A tax bill is generated and mailed for every parcel in the City. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay taxes regardless of receipt of a bill. Contact the Treasury Department to have a duplicate bill mailed to you. By operation of law, the tax bill is mailed to the record owner as of January 1 of the previous fiscal year. New property owners can have their name added to the bill (shows as “c/o” on the bill) by contacting the Assessing Department @ 781-897-5830.

Yes. Follow the “Online Bill Pay” link on the City main page. We currently accept payment of real estate property tax, personal property tax, excise and water/sewer taxes. Payment can be made either by credit card or an ACH check transfer. A processing fee will be assessed for all credit card payments. All ACH transfers are free of charge.

Yes, interest is assessed at a rate of 14% per annum from the due date of the bill.

In order to update your address for your real estate or personal property tax bill, please contact the Assessor’s office at 781-897-5830.

To update a water bill address, please contact the Water Department at 781-897-5944.

You may eligible for an abatement, such as a widow/widowers, elderly or disabled veteran’s abatement. There is also a law that lets you defer your taxes at an 4% interest rate. The Assessor’s Office can help you with any of these programs.

No. Any sales of property or tax title possessions must be done in accordance with certain provisions set forth in M.G.L. Chapter 60

According to Chapter 60A Section 2 of the Massachusetts General Laws, “failure to receive notice shall not affect the validity of the excise”. A person who does not receive a bill is still liable for the excise plus any charges. Therefore it is important to keep the Registry (, Assessor’s Office and the post office informed of a current name and address so that excise bills can be delivered promptly. All owners of motor vehicles must pay excise tax; therefore it is the responsibility of the owner to contact the local assessor if he/she has not received a bill. The largest mailing of excise bills generally happens in February each year.
Pay the bill. Your old bill is eligible to be abated through the Assessor’s Office (781-897-5830) from which you will receive a refund from the Collector. Follow abatement instructions on the back of the bill. The Registry prorates your excise on a monthly basis. The annual excise due on a car registered after January 1 will be reduced, therefore, by one twelfth of the full years excise for every month prior to the one in which the vehicle was registered. Conversely, you will be due a refund of one twelfth the excise you paid on you old car by the number of months it was not registered to you, in most cases.

All permits (ie. building, electrical, plumbing, common victualer license etc.) applied for with the City of Woburn must have a f tax payment history review performed by the Treasurer/Collector’s office. The Treasurer/Collector form must be completed in entirety and signed by the applicant (property owner or tenant ONLY) including the parcel ID and ALL other parcel ID’s that the property owner and tenant, if any, have any beneficial interest in within the City of Woburn. Any incomplete forms may be delayed in processing.

Parcel I.D. (map, block, lot) may be found in records located in Assessors, Inspectional Sevices, and Collectors departments. This information is also listed on tax bills or online at:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to retrieve this information.

All invoices submitted to the City must follow the following process: The department paying the invoice must submit a voucher to the City Auditor; the Auditor then confirms that funds are available and submits vouchers to the City Council Accounts and Audits Committee; When vouchers are approved by the committee, the Auditor submits a warrant to pay the bills to the Treasurer and Mayor; the Treasurer then prints checks but will not release them until the Mayor signs the warrant. You should track the invoice through the department you submitted it to in the first place.
Generally, you may not. Due to the large volume of requests for property tax information, the City of Woburn requires you to order an Municipal Lien Certifiate (MLC).
The cost is $25.00 for land, single, two, and three family residential property, $100 for four or more family residential property, and $150.00 for commercial property.

The average turnaround time for a municipal lien request is 48 hours from the time of request receipt and payment. However during periods
of heavy volume it could be slightly longer.

The Collector’s office post receipts daily and municipal lien certificates are calculated to the day they are printed.
The municipal lien certificate includes per diem data for all outstanding amounts.


Timothy J. Donovan

Treasurer / Collector

Alex Dizio

Deputy Treasurer / Collector

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