Woburn Honor Roll

Remembering Those Who Served & Sacrificed

The ROLL CALL list is comprised of recent information compiled from death notices of Woburn residents that is filed with the City Clerk’s office and obituary notices in the local paper. Names obtained are formally announced on Woburn common twice a year, after Memorial Day and after Veterans Day.

Woburn War Memorial

On Veteran’s Day November 11th, 2012, the Friends of Woburn Veterans dedicated the all wars Woburn Memorial on Woburn Common, honoring those who served and sacrificed, and our major donor – the Flaherty Family – gifted it to the city of Woburn.

The all wars Woburn Honor Roll monument, on Woburn Common, was made possible because of the Friends of Woburn Veterans, your individual donations and the generosity of the Flaherty Family.

  • Early Wars
  • American Revolutionary War
  • War of 1812
  • Civil War
  • Spanish American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Lebanon-Grenada-Panama
  • Persian Gulf
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Global War on Terror

Friends of Woburn Veterans

The “Friends of Woburn Veterans” is a group of volunteers established in October 2011 to support various veteran’s projects throughout the city of Woburn. We are a 501(c) 3 registered non-profit and any support, you can give us, is greatly appreciated and welcomed. All donations may be made payable to the “Friends of Woburn Veterans” and can be mailed to:

Veteran’s Office
c/o Friends of Woburn Veterans
144 School St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Please check out the Friends of Woburn Veterans’ Website.

The “Friends of Woburn Veterans” Committee

  • Larry Guiseppe, Chairman * USMC, Vietnam
  • George Poole, Co-chair * US Army, Vietnam
  • Charles Culhane * US Army, Vietnam
  • Mike McGann * USMC, WWII
  • Jerry Buckley * US Navy, Korea
  • Domenic Negri * USMC, Korea
  • Mike McDonough * US Army, Vietnam
  • James McLaughlin * US Army, Vietnam
  • Tom Quigley * USMC, Vietnam
  • Al DePaoli * USMC, Vietnam
  • WPD Lt. Chris Wackrow * US Army, Persian Gulf
  • WPD Officer Greg Post * US Navy, Persian Gulf
  • WFD Tom Martin * US Army, OEF/OIF
  • Michael Downs * USAF, OEF
  • Mark Comeiro * US Navy, Persian Gulf, OIF & OEF
  • Robert “Bob” Davis* USMC, Okinawa, Philippines, Korea
  • Richard Gately * Woburn City Council Alderman, Ward Two
  • Kathy Lucero * Woburn Historical Society
  • John Flaherty * ADA Solutions Inc.
  • Bob Shure * Skylight Studios Inc.
  • Donna Kashian * Veterans Benefits


Updating the Wall

We will be updating the wall with additional names on a biannual basis as needed. Those names will not be in alphabetical order. You can download and print the latest application here: Honor Roll Application