Water Department

Water Supply

The City of Woburn’s water supply comes from five wells from the underground aquifer within the Horn Pond area, which is then filtered and treated at the Horn Pond Treatment Plant. The city can produce 4.07 million gallons per day and through the course of the year produces two-thirds of the city’s water supply.

The water supply’s other one-third is supplemented by the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA). Both Woburn and MWRA follow and meet the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Environmental Protection Agencies’ (EPA) strict rules and guidelines. All water sampling is done in accordance with DEP.


The City of Woburn’s Water Department maintains and upgrades approximately 200 miles of water mains in the water distribution system. The maintenance includes repairing water main breaks, replacing broken hydrants and gates valves, winterizing hydrants, yearly flushing, leak detection, and cleaning and relining.

Upgrades include replacing iron pipe services, adding fire hydrants, adding gate valves and installing new water mains. The department also conducts hydrant flow and area pressure tests upon request.



Tony Blazejowski

Water Treatment Plant Manager

Lori Scalesse

Water Department Billing