Woburn Redevelopment Authority

Tina Cassidy
WRA Administrator

Woburn Redevelopment Authority
P.O. Box 72
Woburn, MA 01801

The Woburn Redevelopment Authority (WRA) is an independent municipal urban renewal authority established by the City of Woburn in 1961 in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 121B.  The WRA is governed by five members, four of whom are appointed by the Mayor and one by the Governor.  The Authority functions as the City’s community development agency under an agreement with the City of Woburn executed in 2000.

2023 Meeting Dates & Information

The WRA typically meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Committee Room on the first floor of City Hall.

2023 Proposed WRA Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday February 28th
Tuesday March 28th
Wednesday April 25th
Tuesday May 30th
Tuesday June 27th
Tuesday September 26th
Tuesday October 31st
Tuesday November 28th

Updates underway to Woburn’s Pocket Park

Construction has started on the Pocket Park in Woburn Center. Learn more about this exciting project!



The City of Woburn is making progress relative to Phase I of the Massachusetts Local Rapid Recovery Planning (LRRP) program. Several participants took part in a survey of owners/ managers of business establishments located in the study area (core of Woburn Center), and the results were presented to the Woburn Redevelopment Authority (WRA) on May 25th. A video of the WRA’s meeting at which the presentation was given can be found here: LRRP Presentation Link. More detailed information regarding the preliminary results of the Woburn Center Needs Assessment is contained in this PowerPoint file.

Additional input from as many Woburn Center businesses as possible is highly encouraged to develop a plan to meet local needs, inform future policy decisions the development of potential projects to aid the Center’s long-term recovery.

To date, at least 70% of survey respondents rated the issues below as “important” to businesses:

  1.   100% – Implement Marketing Strategies for the Commercial District
  2.   99% –  Improve/Develop Public Spaces & Seating Areas
  3.   99% –  Change Public Parking Availability, Management or Policies
  4.   88% –  More Cultural Events/Activities to Bring People into the District
  5.   77% –  Renovate Storefront/Building Facades
  6.   77% –  Improve Safety and/or Cleanliness
  7.   77% –  More opportunities for Outdoor Dining & Selling
  8.   77% –  Recruitment Program to Attract Additional Businesses

The City still needs more information on these eight topics!  If you are willing to share your thoughts, questions or comments, please contact WRA Administrator Tina Cassidy by phone (781-897-5817) or email (tcassidy@cityofwoburn.com). Simply provide the corresponding number (1 through 8, as listed above) of the topic(s) of your interest and then tell us anything you think we should know to meet the needs of local businesses and plan for future investments in Woburn Center. We will continue to take input, feedback and recommendations until June 11th.

All participation is greatly appreciated and is crucial to support the success of Woburn Center in the months and years to come.

Board Members

Donald Queenin, Chair (gubernatorial appointment)

Arthur Duffy, Treasurer

Wayne McDaniel, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary

Mark Kiklis, Member

Christopher Glaser, Member


Tina Cassidy

WRA Administrator

Karen Smith


Casey Hagerty

Economic Development Manager