Pocket Park Improvements Underway

Woburn Center is getting an upgrade! Construction is underway to provide some much needed upgrades to the Pocket Park located at 460 Main Street.

What:  A pocket park is a small park that is typically found in an urban area where outdoor space is limited. Woburn’s upgraded pocket park will provide a gathering place for those visiting Woburn Center. The project includes creating new seating areas, planting new shade trees, installing additional lighting fixtures, and adding  green space serving to enhance the existing natural rock wall.

Why: Woburn’s Pocket Park was identified as a priority project in a report from the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Local Rapid Recovery Grant Program. The report stated that is was a priority to: “Upgrade and activate space so it can be utilized as a welcoming social gathering place and provide additional opportunities for outdoor dining and public art.”

Who:  This project is sponsored by Mayor Scott Galvin, the Planning Department, and the Department of Public Works and is funded by the Woburn Redevelopment Authority and the State of Massachusetts with funds secured by State Representative Richard Haggerty.

When: The construction of the Pocket Park is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2023.

Where: The pocket park is located at 460 Main Street in Woburn Center.

A rendering showing the reimagined pocket park. The park will include additional seating, new tree plantings, and upgraded lighting. 

The park is located at 460 Main Street in Woburn Center. There is an existing bus stop at the park. 


Do you have questions or want to get involved? Contact City Staff by email or phone (781-987-5816) to learn more!