Welcome to the Woburns Horn Pond Conservation Area Map. The map and pictures on this site are the most complete and current collection on the internet. Major trails are shown in red. Please help W.R.E.N. keep Horn Pond clean and leave only your footprints.

Swimming in Horn Pond is discouraged since the City can provide no life guards, nor should you have campfires. Obviously the discharge of firearms is also prohibited. Boats that do not have gasoline motors are allowed. Fishing, biking aand walking are the most common activities. The long and level paved path around the perimeter of the pond is off limits to cars but a great place to rollerblade or have your child learn to ride a bike.

Horn Pond biking and walking can be extended to Winchester Center. Just proceed to the end of Lake Terrace (opposite Old Foley Beach) off Lake Avenue, where you can pickup the Horn Pond Brook Bike Path. This bike path ends at Wedge Pond just north of Winchester Square.

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