Update: Commerce Way Area eTOD Study 2018

Commerce Way Area eTOD Study 2018

The City of Woburn is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to develop a plan for the future of an important part of our City. The area stretching from the Woburn Mall on Mishawum Road north to Anderson/Woburn Station is being studied for its future development potential as a mixed-use, walkable neighborhood of businesses and residences.

150 Woburn residents and business representatives attended a community forum hosted by the City and MAPC on February 26, 2018. A formal presentation provided information on the area’s characteristics, development potential and nearby transit opportunities.  The presentation was followed by a session where attendees were encouraged to offer input and opinions on a variety of topics including transportation, street and building designs and options for housing opportunities.

The formal presentation can be viewed by clicking the “Commerce Way eTOD Study Community Forum #1” button below. Check back here later for a summary of the second half of the first forum as well as notices of future community meetings on this topic.

Woburn eTOD_Forum Presentation

Click here to watch Woburn Public Media recording: