Make the rain work FOR YOU!

As temperatures begin to rise, so does the concern for drought. With this in mind, it is imperative that we do all we can to reduce water usage. One great way to help conserve water is through the use of a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a large, plastic barrel with a spigot that catches the rain water that flows into gutters, and stores it for later use.

Almost any outdoor activity that requires water can be done with rainwater, so why not save it? Over the course of a summer, rain running off a 24 ft. x 24 ft. roof can amount to approximately 8,500 gallons, giving you more than enough water to water a garden, wash your car, or whatever you need to do. That’s enough water to fill a large above ground pool!

Using rain barrels to capture rain water also has several benefits for the environment. Up to 90% of rainwater leads to runoff, which carries fertilizer and animal waste, into our ponds, streams, and reservoirs. By capturing rainwater, we can keep our wetlands clean and healthy. Using rainwater also limits the amount of water we need, as well as saving the cost and energy of having to pump and treat water. This can keep the reservoirs and groundwater replenished. Rainwater is even better for the soil. It removes salt build-ups, aiding helpful bacteria and improving root growth, which tap water can’t provide.

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