Mayor Galvin extends thanks for an enjoyable, successful 66th Annual Donald A. DeLuca Student Government Day

The 2019 Student Government Day was held over the past two days at City Hall. Students from WMHS assumed the roles of the department heads. Photo by

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to ensure the 66th Annual Donald A. DeLuca Student Government Day was enjoyable and successful for all those who participated.

We are grateful for the Woburn Rotary Club, whose members continued their generous, annual support by hosting a luncheon for students at the Helenic Community Center inside the Greek Orthodox Church.  Special thanks to longtime member Art Duffy for making arrangements to secure this year’s guest speaker and Woburn native, Tom Kinton, a widely respected international aviation consultant whose 35-year career with the Massachusetts Port Authority includes his service as MassPort’s CEO.

We also offer very special thanks to WMHS English teacher Abby Gillis for again coordinating a challenging and meaningful essay portion of the program. Congratulations to WMHS students who stepped up to the challenge by producing some impressive essays and working hard during the two-day program.

Special thanks also City Clerk William Campbell for his thoughtful work preparing a “critical response” municipal scenario that gave students a meaningful firsthand look at their local government.

Thanks also to Superintendent Matt Crowley, WMHS Principal Jessica Callanan; City Council President Michael Anderson, School Committee Chairman Michael Mulrenan, City Councilors Joanne Campbell, Robert Ferullo, and Mark Gaffney, as well as Marie Lingblom, my assistant.

As always, thanks to Richard Jaime for his support in helping to pull everything together on time and in great shape.  And, we remain appreciative of Arlene Friel and Janet Fahey for their continued support of the program their father, Donald DeLuca, conceived and launched 66 years ago this year.

Thanks again to everyone who helped ensure the success of this fine Woburn tradition!


Scott D. Galvin


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