Proposed Ch. 40R Development at Woburn Mall – Updated Information

The Woburn City Council is reviewing of a petition to re-develop the Woburn Mall site under Chapter 40R Smart Growth standards. The proposed development will include commercial and residential uses. Links to plans and reports filed with the application and during the review process below. The section of the Woburn Zoning Ordinances allowing the development, the local design standards and the City of Woburn Zoning Map showing the area of the development are also posted below. The public hearing before the City Council was continued to May 7, 2019. The matter is pending in the City Council Committee on Special Permits, which meetings are also open to the public and will be posted on the calendar section of the city’s website when scheduled.

VHB Second Peer Review 5-3-2019

MDM Response to Comments VHB 4-24-2019

MDM Response to Comments VHB Attachments 4-24-2019

MDM Woburn Village Truck Turning Analyis Exhibits 4-23-2019

MDM Woburn Village Snow Storage Plan 4-23-2019

MDM Woburn Village Site Plans C-9 – C-12 4-23-2019

MDM Woburn Village Key Plan C-4 4-23-2019

MDM Woburn Village Avalon Bay Residential Floor Plans 4-23-2019

MDM Response to Comments 4-16-2019

MAPC Design Standards Peer Review Supplemental Report 4-9-2019

VHB Preliminary Review 4-8-2019

MAPC Design Standards Peer Review Report 3-25-2019

Department Comments Due 3-8-2019

Woburn Mall Ch. 40R Presentation to City Council 3-5-2019

Avalon StampedSite Plan Submission

Civil-Landscape plans-stamped

Drainage Report

Traffic Report

Utility Impact Assessment


Woburn Village Perspectives and Elevations

WZO Woburn Mall 40R Smart Growth 1-24-2019

Woburn Mall SGOD 40R Design Standards 1-24-2019

Woburn Zoning Map 1-24-2019

Fiscal Impact Report