Scoop the Poop!

Do Your “Doody” for Clean Water: Scoop the Poop!

You hate stepping in it. And fish hate swimming in it. Always pick up after your pet to prevent harmful bacteria from ending up in our water.

When it rains, dog poop and other pollutants are carried over our sidewalks, driveways, and roads into the nearest storm drain where they flow – untreated – directly into our nearest water body. Dog waste carries high levels of harmful E. coli bacteria and other pathogens that increase public health risks and can cause infections.

It’s also the law in Woburn, per City of Woburn Municipal Codes Title 6, Section 1, 6-4 and is subject to fines of $25.00-$75.00.  For tips on cleaning up after your pets, please check out this brochure.  It’s important to not just bag pet waste, but to dispose of it properly.  Dropping the bag by the side of the road, throwing it in the bushes or stuffing it down a catch basin is not proper disposal and is both polluting and littering!  Carry the bag to the next trash receptacle you can find, or carry it back home and throw it in your own trash barrel.









New signs have been put in place by DPW around Horn Pond reminding visitors that Woburn ordinances require you to clean up after your dog and that feeding waterfowl is prohibited.