Mayor Encourages Continued Outdoor Exercise, Closes Horn Pond Parking Lots as A Temporary Safety Measure

From Mayor Scott Galvin:

One of the best things everyone can do to remain healthy during Governor Baker’s Stay at Home Order is to get some exercise each day, whether it’s inside your home or outside to get some fresh air.

Go for a walk, run, bike ride, or hike. There are plenty of places to spread out and get some exercise—whether it’s around your own neighborhood, one of the Conservation Areas in your neighborhood such as the Cranberry Bog and Bike Trail in East Woburn, or the Middlesex Canal Trail in North Woburn, or Whispering Hill and the Battle March Way Trail in West Woburn, or the Horn Pond area in the South End of Woburn.

It is critical that wherever you choose to exercise to please practice strict physical distancing to limit the spread of Coronavirus, especially over the next few weeks. With that in mind, and in light of what has been extremely high use of Horn Pond, resulting in parking lots too crowded with cars and people to be safe at this time, we will be closing the Cove Street parking lot and bathrooms, as well as the Clapp Park and Sturgis Street parking lots, until further notice.

Please remember that during the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, the Horn Pond recreation area is for transitory use only, which includes activities such as walking, biking, hiking, running, or solitary fishing.

And, just as importantly, anyone going to the Horn Pond area for exercise must remember to not only practice strict physical distancing, but also be respectful of the privacy and property of neighbors who live in the areas surrounding Horn Pond and other recreation and conservation areas in the City.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, perseverance and strength as we move forward with temporary changes in all of our lives to protect our community, our state and our nation.  Stay tuned for updates.