Mayor Galvin Advises Residents to Continue Wearing Masks in Public and Remain Vigilant About Physical Distancing

Mayor Scott Galvin continues to advise Woburn residents to follow CDC guidance recommending people wear cloth face coverings in public settings where physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain, as a way to keep our community and state moving in the right direction.

In particular, residents are advised to wear something to cover their face in public places such as supermarkets and pharmacies and other areas of significant community-based transmission. The CDC notes the use of simple cloth face coverings can slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus, but do not know it, from transmitting it to others.

In addition to masks, continuing to maintain a physical distance of at least 6-feet from others remains critical in our fight to prevent the spread of the virus.

Governor Baker this week extended to May 18 the Commonwealth’s stay-at-home advisory except for employees of essential businesses, with an exception for outdoor exercise and trips to get needed items such as groceries or medicine.

While everyone is eager to move on from this phase of our lives, said Governor Baker, if we act too soon it could risk a spike in infections that could force the state to revert to more serious restrictions again. That scenario would be far worse. At approximately 56,000 confirmed cases in Massachusetts, the trend has not yet entered a downward trend so everyone must remain vigilant.