WCSC’s Food Pantry Provides Critical Food, Supplies; Needs Community Help to Restock Shelves

The Woburn Council of Social Concern’s Food Pantry is in need of critical donations to help our neighbors in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Many thanks to all of the generous residents and local groups who have already donated critical food and personal care items. Let’s keep the shelves stocked!
Monetary donations are also welcome, and can be made at www.socialconcern.org
At this time, in addition to the following particular items on the wish list for April, is the need for the Food Pantry to restock its supply of disinfecting wipes (Lysol, Chlorox, etc.). The Pantry staff and volunteers are working around the clock to serve the community, and are constantly wiping down carts, door handles and other touch points to keep everyone safe. If you have any to donate, please drop off to Paula Matthews in the Food Pantry.
Thanks to everyone at the Food Pantry, and to the Woburn Council of Social Concern for working so hard, as always, to provide critical help to our Woburn neighbors in need!
Meanwhile, here’s April’s wish list for the Food Pantry. Donate if you can:
Fruit juice (apple or any bottled juice)
Cans of fruit
Jello (no green)
Pudding Mixes
Peanut Butter
Chef Boy R Dee (any type)
Bakes beans
Shelf stable milk
Jarred sauce (small jars)
Macaroni and Cheese
Grape jelly
Corned beef hash
Juice boxes
Creamed soups/chowder
WCSC’s Food Pantry hours are (by appointment):
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:45am – 12pm and 1:30-3pm.
Wednesday Evenings from 6-7pm
If you cannot make an appointment, Emergency boxes are available Monday – Friday from 9am – 4:30 pm.
Call the Food Pantry at 781-935-6495 for more information. Alternatively you can e-mail paula@socialconcern.org.