VIDEO: Mayor Helps SCI, WBA Launch #WoburnStrong Initiative to Support Residents, Small Businesses and Local Nonprofits

VIDEO: City of Woburn Launches #WoburnStrong Initiative to Support Residents, Small Businesses and Local Nonprofits

*Click here to see a video highlighting the specifics of the #WoburnStrong initiative*

WOBURN — Tuesday, May 5, is global #GivingTuesdayNow day, meant to encourage giving and community togetherness. To coincide with the event, the City of Woburn is helping launch the new #WoburnStrong giving initiative.

Developed and implemented by the Woburn Business Association and SCI Woburn, with the support of Mayor Scott Galvin’s Office, the goal of the #WoburnStrong initiative is to amplify all of the good that is happening in the city by ensuring the people, small businesses and organizations of Woburn make it through the ongoing pandemic stronger than ever.

Residents are asked to consider a daily goal over the next week to support their community.

“Giving Tuesday is a terrific way for people to show their generosity and kindness, and in Woburn in particular we have seen many great acts of kindness over the past several months,” Mayor Galvin said. “People have really gone above and beyond to help out their fellow community members during this pandemic. It’s hard to imagine residents stepping up even more than they already have, but I think this new initiative will really make a difference.”

What Can You Do?

One thing residents can do to support the #WoburnStrong initiative is to visit the initiative’s Facebook event page and click “going” to the event, invite other people to the event, and share the event on their Facebook timeline and with any groups or pages with which they are involved.

Small business giving opportunities include:

  • Buying a gift card to a local small business
  • Giving a genuine online review
  • Liking, commenting and sharing a post from a local business Facebook page

Nonprofit giving opportunities include:

  • Giving a donation to a local nonprofit
  • Volunteering to help a nonprofit
  • Liking, commenting and sharing a local nonprofit’s social media post

Neighbor giving opportunities include:

  • Checking on a local senior neighbor
  • Offering to pick up supplies for a quarantined family
  • Thanking an essential worker you know

Residents are also encouraged to post selfies of themselves and others helping to keep Woburn strong. Be sure to use the hashtag #WoburnStrong to share photos and ideas for this initiative on your favorite social media platform. Some ideas will be highlighted as part of this campaign.

“This community-wide effort should highlight many of the good things that are already happening in Woburn every day,” said Woburn Business Association board member Jodi Crowley. “People in this city have a way of pulling together and collaborating when times get tough, and this has been no different.”

“With all the negative news that is out there, I feel like people are looking for ways to make a difference and help their friends and neighbors,” said SCI Woburn President David Crowley. “A goal of this project is to come up with specific ways people can help their local community. Even the smallest gesture can really make a big difference, and this will further show that in Woburn, we are all in this together.”