Windy weather? Don’t forget the drains!

With the expected wind and rain from the forecasted nor’easter tonight and tomorrow, don’t forget to keep an eye on the storm drains near your house!  As the leaves come off the trees, they sometimes cover up the storm drains, or catch basins, in the street, causing flooding.  Woburn DPW cleans them as often as they can, but with over 4,000 City-owned catch basins in Woburn, it’s hard to keep up during a storm.  So, if you know of a catch basin near you, please help out by grabbing a rake or shovel, and keep those drains cleared of leaf litter!  It may just be the thing that keeps the end of your driveway from flooding!

Also keep in mind that during windy storms like this, your trash barrels and recycling bins may not be where you left them on trash day.  Try to make sure covers are secured and your trash or recycling doesn’t end up in your neighbor’s yard!

For more information about stormwater and how you can help, please visit our Woburn Stormwater Hub.