Woburn’s New WebGIS!

Introducing Woburn’s New WebGIS!

Woburn recently rolled out a brand new interactive mapping internet application, or WebGIS.  This application allows users to search for any property in the City of Woburn, get information, and make their own map.  Information such as assessing data, street utility data, new voter precincts and wards, zoning information, and more.

If you’re familiar with similar applications, and even Woburn’s previous WebGIS, then using the new WebGIS should be fairly easy to pick up.  This new site includes some new tools and some that are familiar, though they may work a little differently.  For more information on the new WebGIS and how some of the tools work, click here.

To get started using Woburn’s WebGIS, click on the “GIS Maps” button in the orange “Quick Actions” bar along the top of any City web page.

New GIS Maps



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