EVERSOURCE Transmission Line Work Horn Pond


As part of our effort to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities, Eversource will soon be conducting maintenance work in its right of way (power line corridor) in Burlington and Woburn. This maintenance work includes replacing wooden transmission structures with steel structures. Maintaining the infrastructure that supports electric lines is one of the many ways Eversource ensures the safe, secure transmission of electricity throughout the region. As we perform this necessary work, we are continuing to follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
We Are Always Working to Serve You Better
Starting in the Spring, Eversource and its contractors will begin work replacing transmission structures on or near your property.
What You Can Expect
Since your property is on or near the project route, here is important information about how we will work in your neighborhood:
● Reliable Service: Be assured that this work will not interrupt electric service to your property. ● Proper Identification: All people working on this project carry proper identification.
● Where We Will Be Working: Construction activity will take place within the existing right of way (powerline corridor) near the following cross streets:
▪ Burlington: Middlesex Turnpike
▪ Woburn: Russell Street, Dix Road Extension, Lexington Street, Waltham Street, Crossman Road, Cambridge Road, and Rehabilitation Way
▪ Horn Pond Mountain
● Construction Dates: May 3, 2022 to June 11, 2022
● Construction Hours: The hours for construction are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
● Communication: Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us. Please contact your Project Outreach Coordinator, Logan Trupiano, at 781-552-2979 to discuss any issues and to provide your contact information so he can keep you updated on progress.
● Construction Activities: Project construction will occur in phases, including the following:
▪ Crews conducting survey digging in certain areas prior to construction activities.
▪ Construction vehicles on the right of way, including heavy equipment, though we will make every effort to minimize any impact to your property.
▪ Site grading, mowing/vegetation removal, adding gravel to the access road, and setting timber mats in wetland areas.
▪ The wood structures will be replaced with steel structures of similar height.
▪ On Horn Pond Mountain, crews will be constructing wood matted construction pads similar to those constructed on a project last summer. Wood construction mats will be delivered and staged at the base of the mountain and trucked to the top for installation. Safety personnel will be on site but it is asked to please try to avoid these areas during construction.
▪ When the project is completed, crews will restore areas that were disturbed by the work.
● Project Completion: Work will be complete and construction areas restored by midsummer 2022
For More Information Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Logan Trupiano at 781-552-2979. You can also contact our projects hotline at 1-800-793-2202 or send an email to ProjectInfo@eversource.com. Eversource is committed to being a good neighbor and doing work with respect for you and your property. We will continue to provide regular notifications via mailings and phone calls. Thank you for your patience as this important project moves forward.