Mayor Galvin Presents FY 23 Budget to Woburn City Council

I am pleased to present the FY 2023 budget to The Woburn City Council for review and approval. The general fund budget will increase 4.86% to $154,620,820 and the water and sewer budg’et will increase 4.63 % to $20,240,564. The Grand total for the Fiscal 2023 budget is $174,861,385 up 4.84% from last year’s Grand total of$166,792,677. The city side of the budget represents a level service budget, with the exception of eight new firefighters hired to provide increased ambulance services. As always, our city employees continue to provide a high li:wel of service to residents and taxpayers. Read the full letter here:  Mayor FY2023 Budget Letter to City Council


Click the following link to view the FY2023 Budget:  FY2023 Budget Final 5-25-22