Tennessee Gas Pipeline Anomaly Remediation Dix Rd Area

Contractors for Kinder Morgan will begin anomaly inspection excavations on Dix road and Dix road Ext in May. These inspection excavations are expected to take 4-6 weeks


TO: City of Woburn


From approximately May 2, 2022, through the first week of June 2022, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (TGP) and its contractors will be performing pipeline inspection and maintenance activities along Dix Road in the city of Woburn, Massachusetts.


Activities will consist of excavating specific locations on the existing underground natural gas pipeline to allow for inspection and any needed maintenance repairs. This work ensures the continued proper operation of the existing TGP pipeline. TGP has been coordinating this maintenance work with the city of Woburn and will have local police on-site for the duration of the project to minimize potential traffic impacts on Dix Road.

Please contact Kinder Morgan at 1-800-231-2800 with questions or issues

Description of Work:
The digs in Dix Rd and Dix Rd extension will all require lane closure and Police details due to being in the
road as we have done on the last digs in this area. Signs, cones, and barricades will be in place where
needed. PPS will utilize jersey barriers around the excavation to provide safety for us. Excavations will
have temporary chain link fence to provide security. Temporary steel plating can also be utilized
overnight if required. If repair method includes pipe replacement, excavations may be open for an
extended amount of time.