Waste Bans for Mattresses and Textiles

Waste Bans for Mattresses and Textiles

New State regulations begin November 1

As of November 1, 2022, mattresses and textiles will no longer be allowed in the trash.  New state rules require mattresses and textiles be kept out of the trash so they can be recycled or donated for reuse.  In order to comply, the City of Woburn will be changing the way we collect mattresses and textiles.

Mattresses:  Mattresses will not be allowed in the trash beginning November 1, 2022.  City of Woburn residents can use any company they so choose to dispose of their mattresses and box springs.  The City of Woburn has partnered with Tough Stuff Recycling to offer curbside pick-up at a cost of $55 per unit, please click the website to set up pick-up through Tough Stuff directly Tough Stuff Recycling, but you as the resident can chose whichever company is most convenient and financially feasible.  Please note ALL mattresses and box springs for disposal MUST be bagged and sealed before being placed curbside.  If the mattress is moldy, soaking wet, or bug infested, it cannot be recycled and must be disposed of in the trash.  Please see the requirements for curbside mattress recycling – Acceptable-Mattress-Curbside-Pick-up-Guidelines.pdf (woburnma.gov)

Textiles:  As of November 1, 2022, no textiles including clothing, footwear, bedding, towels, curtains, and fabric will be allowed in the trash, and they can instead be donated at a local thrift store, church, or clothing textile bin.  This is a free service offered through many companies, Big Brother, Salvation Army, and other companies that can be found online.  If clothing is soiled, moldy, or bug-infested, it can be included with the rest of your trash.  Please click the link Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory to search for donation location and options.

To help you understand these changes and the reason behind them.  Please read the MassDEP newsletter in its entirety here.  Waste Bans 101: Less Trash for a Cleaner Massachusetts

For additional information, please visit Woburnma.gov or call the City of Woburn Board of Health at 781-897-5920.