Mayor’s Budget Presentation to School Committee: 9.8% funding increase continues strong support for students and education

Dear Parent:

RE: Funding for School budget to INCREASE by 9.8%

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on the FY 24 school budget and funding I have indicated to the school committee I will approve and include in the overall city budget.

I have always been a strong supporter and advocate of improving the Woburn school system for all of our children. As Mayor, one of my top priorities is providing a great education for our children- the future leaders who will change the world- whether it’s putting their mark on the economy, arts, government, military, education, technology, science, business or medicine.

Over the past ten years (not including this year), the annual school budget has increased by an average of 4.18 % / year and our actual net school spending has exceeded State required net school spending by an average 45% annually. In addition, I have provided an average of $590,000 in annual capital funding to maintain and improve school facilities. Funding to purchase lap tops for all of our students. I have also provided the important leadership and funding needed to design, locate and build the $32 million Hurld /Wyman elementary school.

The Fy24 school budget and funding I advised the school committee that would be approved, reinforces my strong commitment to our schools and the education of our children, which is more important now than ever. The school budget will INCREASE from:

FY 23              $74,033,814

FY 24              $78,905,393 (increase of $4.9 million)

There is also a proposed additional accommodation of $1.8 million in city funds to cover increased out of district special education costs and $600,000 in capital funding.

TOTAL INCREASE $ 7.3 million (9.8%)

Click here to view the PowerPoint I made to the school committee on May 10, 2023, which explains the overall city budget process and the financial constraints and balancing that must be considered with creating a city budget with numerous departments and vitally important city needs.


Mayor Scott Galvin



For a PDF version of this letter, click here.