MWRA Section 89 Water Work

Contractors for the MWRA will be working on the section 89 water line repairs this summer. These repairs will be from Stoneham/Winchester line traveling down Albany street to Mantvale Avenue onto Washington Street. The MWRA is upgrading the water transmission line to meet the changing needs of local communities. During this construction there will be detours and delays we have attached the current plans and schedule for this project as provided by the MWRA. Please continue to check the website as we will update the information as we receive it.

  1. August 14th – Crew to mobilize to Washington St to replace existing 12” sewer with new 12” PVC from SMH2-34 to SMH1-5 Montvale Ave to Utica St. (8 nights).
  2. August 28th – Crew will relocate Woburn water main from Montvale Ave to Utica St. (8 nights).
  3. September 11th – Crew to mobilize to Albany St @ Montvale to continue to remove and install 36” MWRA Water main and Manholes (4 nights).
  4. September 18th – Crew will be working on Montvale Ave connecting to MWRA 24” Water Installing new Valve workings towards Washington St. (4 nights).
  5. September 22nd – Meter 200 Shutdown
  6. September 25th – Crew to continue on Montvale Ave up to Washington St remove and install 36” MWRA Water main (4 nights).
  7. October 2nd – Crew working on Washington St up to Utica St meter 200 connection, remove and install 36” MWRA water main install new Valve Vault (12 nights).
  8. October 23rd – Washington Circle Flushing Line for Disinfection 24-hour continuous (5 Days).
  9. October 30th – Meter 200 Reactivation