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Introducing! Woburn Adopt-a-Drain Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 5/15/23 Mayor Scott Galvin and the City of Woburn Public Works Department are pleased to announce the Woburn Adopt-a-catch basin Program!  Created for Woburn by the Mystic River Watershed Association, in conjunction with the Woburn Engineering Department, the Adopt-a-drain Program is a voluntary program aimed at keeping our local environment clean … Continued

Drinking Water Week 2023

What is Drinking Water Week? For more than 40 years the American Water Works Association (APWA) and its members have used Drinking Water Week as a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives.  The City of Woburn joins the APWA … Continued

Proper Use of Fertilizer

Giving your lawn some extra TLC during these days at home? If you’re considering fertilizer, be sure to use a slow-release, non-phosphorus fertilizer (look for “0” as the middle number).  And as an alternative to fertilizer, consider scattering fresh grass seeds, aerating your soil, or planting some of the native shrubs you’ve seen. Compost is … Continued

The Problem with Pet Waste

Do Your “Doody” for Clean Water: Scoop the Poop! Getting outside with your four-footed best friend is great for them and you, but please remember to clean up after them! You hate stepping in it. And fish hate swimming in it. Always pick up after your pet to prevent harmful bacteria from ending up in … Continued

Fix a Leak Week, 2023

Are you ready to chase down leaks? Household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so each year we hunt down the drips during Fix a Leak Week. Fix a Leak Week is March 20 through 26, 2023—but remember that you can find and fix leaks inside and outside your home … Continued

Woburn is no longer in a drought!

Today the Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs declared the end of the drought in Massachusetts. “After nine months of Massachusetts regions experiencing drought conditions, I am pleased to declare that every region has returned to normal,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “We thank those who implemented conservation practices at such a … Continued

Using the right de-icer this winter

When snow melts, salt and de-icer flows down storm drains and straight into our waterways. Help keep these chemicals out of our water by shoveling snow first, using acetate-based de-icers instead of chloride-based, and using de-icer sparingly! For more information about reducing stormwater pollution click here. For information about Woburn Winter Weather Advisories click here. … Continued

Can the Grease!

  I know, I can’t believe the holidays are here already!  So with all that extra cooking you’re doing in the next few weeks please remember, all that cooking grease shouldn’t go down the drain.  Fats, oils and grease, also known as FOG, congeal in the sewer system and can cause sewer back-ups either in … Continued

Bag your Leaves!

Autumn is here!  That means it’s a good time to remember that fallen leaves can clog catch basins and add too much organic material to our waterways all at the same time! Bag or compost your leaves, but do not rake them into the street or dump them down storm drains! Blocking storm drains can … Continued

Massachusetts Alert! Level 3-Critical Drought

Despite recent rain events, the majority of Massachusetts is still in a Level 3 – Critical Drought status, as described below.  All residents and businesses should continue to do whatever they can to conserve water.  For tips on conserving water at home, click here! The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared … Continued