Author: Patricia Bergeron-George

Middlesex County Elevated to ‘High’ Risk of West Nile Virus

  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has announced the first animal case of West Nile virus (WNV) in the state this year. WNV infection was diagnosed in an alpaca exposed to WNV in Middlesex County. Last week, DPH announced the first four human cases of WNV in Massachusetts this year. Boston and adjacent … Continued

Rodent Information

Rats have become an increasing problem in the City of Woburn. Rat infestations become a public health issue since rats can destroy and contaminate food and other household materials. Rats and their fleas may also transmit viruses, bacteria and parasites to humans. Everyone must do their part to control the problem. What you can do … Continued


  It’s Not too Late to Get the Flu Shot, Contact Woburn Board of Health Nurse Today to make an appointment # 781-897-5928 The Center for Disease control recommends everyone older than 6 months receive a flu shot. Seasonal death tolls from influenza has reached 49,000 in a single season. It is safe to say the … Continued