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Proposed Ch. 40R Development at Woburn Mall – Updated Information

The Woburn City Council is reviewing of a petition to re-develop the Woburn Mall site under Chapter 40R Smart Growth standards. The proposed development will include commercial and residential uses. Links to plans and reports filed with the application and during the review process below. The section of the Woburn Zoning Ordinances allowing the development, … Continued

Woburn Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan Comments Period

The City of Woburn is preparing a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation Plan to help the reduce its vulnerability to natural hazards and impacts of climate change, including flooding and heat waves. You are invited to provide comments on this draft Plan, which can be found here: Woburn Draft MVP Planning Project Report 4-10-2019 … Continued

Eversource 345kV transmission line project

Follow the link to see the Memorandum of Understanding between Eversource and the City of Woburn regarding the installation of the 345kV tranmission line: Eversource Memorandum of Understanding 2-21-2019 The minutes of the City Council meetings held in Executive Session to discuss the Eversource transmission line matter have been released and are posted below: City … Continued

Washington Street widening project

Follow the link for the approved plan showing Eversource and Verizon utility pole re-locations associated with the widening of Montvale Avenue: Eversource Washington Street and Montvale Avenue rev. 3-13-2019

2019 Local Census Forms Due

All Woburn census forms should be returned to city hall by Friday, March 29th, advises City Clerk William Campbell. Over 16,000 forms were mailed to all households seven weeks ago. Under State law, if there is no record of receiving a census return, the city must mail a confirmation card to all voters in the … Continued

Register Dogs by March 15th

All dogs residing in the city must be licensed with the City Clerk. All licenses expire on December 31st of each year. Dogs may be registered in person at the office of the City Clerk or by mail. A current rabies certificate must be presented at the time of registration. A link for a mail-in … Continued

Proposed Woburn Mall Ch. 40R Smart Growth Ordinance

The City Council is considering adoption of a proposed Smart Growth Overlay District under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40R at the Woburn Mall property on Mishawum Road. Click the link to review the ordinance: Proposed Woburn Mall Ch 40R Text 1-15-2019

Election to fill Alderman At Large Vacancy

Pursuant to provisions of the Woburn City Charter, the Woburn City Council shall fill the vacant position of Alderman At Large for the unexpired term by election by the City Council at the Regular Meeting to be held on February 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, … Continued

State Primary Election Results September 4, 2018

The following are the unofficial results of the State Primary Election held in Woburn on September 4, 2018. There were a total of 6,825 voters for a turnout of 26.7% Democratic State Primary 9-4-2018 Unofficial Republican State Primary 9-4-2018 Unofficial Libertarian State Primary 9-4-2018 Unofficial