Woburn’s Open Space and Recreation Plan gets State Approval

Woburn’s updated Open Space and Recreation Plan recently received State approval, marking a significant milestone in the City’s commitment to preserving natural resources and providing diverse recreational opportunities for its residents. The plan, driven by community engagement and collaboration, outlines key goals such as offering active and passive recreational options for all residents and visitors, … Continued

2024 Open Burning Safety January 15 to May 1

To obtain a burn permit please contact the Woburn Fire Department – Non-Emergency Dispatch 781-932-4560.   Open Burning Safety To burn materials in your yard, you need a permit from the local fire department. open burning brush pile in open field The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and your local fire department limit open burning … Continued

Read the December Economic Development Newsletter

The Economic Development newsletter will be sent out monthly and will include updates about events and activities in the City, new businesses, and exciting economic development initiatives. The Newsletter aims to keep the community informed and engaged in the economic growth of the City. By providing regular updates, promoting local businesses, and encouraging community involvement, … Continued

More rain got you down? Adopt-a-Drain!

Reminder! Woburn experienced heavy rain last weekend, with more in the forecast for early next week.  In colder weather the ground can be frozen or partially-frozen, making stormwater ground surface infiltration less effective.  This can lead to localized flooding.  With these storms in quick succession it is highly likely areas that experienced short-term flooding during … Continued