Proper Use of Fertilizer

Giving your lawn some extra TLC during these days at home? If you’re considering fertilizer, be sure to use a slow-release, non-phosphorus fertilizer (look for “0” as the middle number).  And as an alternative to fertilizer, consider scattering fresh grass seeds, aerating your soil, or planting some of the native shrubs you’ve seen. Compost is … Continued

Fiscal Year 2023 Semi-Annual Water/Sewer-Utility Bills-DUE 03/30/23

The Fiscal Year 2023 Semi-Annual Water/Sewer bills have been issued. These bills are available for online payment via the City of Woburn website woburnma.gov . Bills will be DUE ON MARCH 30, 2023. If you did not receive your bill, please contact the Treasurer/Collector’s office at 781-897-5870. All payments must be received by our office … Continued

Massachusetts Alert! Level 3-Critical Drought

Despite recent rain events, the majority of Massachusetts is still in a Level 3 – Critical Drought status, as described below.  All residents and businesses should continue to do whatever they can to conserve water.  For tips on conserving water at home, click here! The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared … Continued

Massachusetts Alert! Level 3-Critical Drought

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has declared a Level 3 – Critical Drought in the Northeast and Central Regions of the Commonwealth, which includes the City of Woburn. With over five months of below normal rainfall, drought has set in all across the state, and intensified in some regions.  Streamflow is … Continued

Stormwater for Kids Web Page and Project Updates!

The Engineering Department is pleased to unveil a fun, new Stormwater for Kids web page.  This new page includes information for kids, parents and teachers to learn about stormwater and the water cycle.  It also announces a new campaign that will be coming this fall just for kids!  So stay tuned!  (Hint: Quack, quack!) Also … Continued

World Water Day

Today is #WorldWaterDay!  Let’s all take a moment today to remember how precious this resource is and that not all around the world have access to safe drinking water as we do!   #makeeverydropcount #savewater

Water Conservation Team!

Hello Woburnites! We are introducing a new group implemented to help conserve water in Woburn called the Water Conservation Team (WCT)! The goal of our first project is to inform the public of what water conservation is and the importance of it. In order to achieve this, we placed posters around Woburn with tips and … Continued

Make the rain work FOR YOU!

As temperatures begin to rise, so does the concern for drought. With this in mind, it is imperative that we do all we can to reduce water usage. One great way to help conserve water is through the use of a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a large, plastic barrel with a spigot that … Continued

Fix a Leak Week Comes to a Close

Today is the last day of Fix a Leak Week.  We hope you’ve poked around your home in search of leaks.  If you have and you need to purchase new water-using appliances, fixtures or other devices, please be sure to look for WaterSense-labelled products to ensure your new items are water-saving.  For more information on … Continued