Woburn City Council

DATE 05/01/2018
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call.

2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.

3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:

A. Order to initiate land and water conservation fund grant award for Clapp Park project.

B. Order authorizing Mayor to accept easement in water and sewer mains on Wall Drive.

4. Public Hearings:

A. Kiwanis Club of Woburn for a special permit to allow for Flag Day celebration and carnival on June 15, 2018 and June 16, 2018 at 0 Harrison Avenue (Library Park).

B. NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy for a grant of right in a public way to allow installation of a new subsurface 345 kilovolt transmission conduit duct bank beneath Lake Avenue, Pickering Street, Border Street, Cross Street, Washington Street, and Montvale Avenue.

C. 285 Locust LLC for a special permit and site plan for the demolition of the existing commercial building and site improvements, and for the construction of a 41 unit, attached townhouse development with integrated parking, landscaping and infrastructure improvements at 285 Locust Street.

D. Sports Management Services, Inc. to amend the Zoning Map by changing the zoning district for parcels of land on Garfield Avenue from R-2/I-G to R-2.

E. Hugo Moraes for a special permit to allow rooftop dining in conjunction with a restaurant on the ground floor at 434 Main Street.

F. BlueLine Rental for a special permit to allow for: 1. Sale or rental of construction equipment and vehicles including the outside storage of new equipment, and 2. Overnight parking of four (4) commercial vehicles at 20 Atlantic Avenue.

G. Diprio Construction Corp. for a special permit to allow for overnight parking of three commercial vehicles and accessory parking of one storage container at 271 Salem Street.

H. Diversified Construction Corp. for a special permit to allow for the overnight parking of twelve commercial vehicles at 271 Salem Street.

I. To determine whether property located at 425 Main Street is a nuisance as the terms is used in M.G.L. Ch. 139, Sec 1.

5. Citizen’s Participation: None.

6. Committee Reports:

A. Order to transfer $2,000,000. From Overlay Reserve Acct to OPEB Trust Fund Acct, Assessor Appraisals Acct, Personal Property Audit Acct, Stabilization Acct (OTP).

B. Order to transfer $14,000. From Traffic Improvements E. Woburn Acct to Cedar Street Ramp Study Acct (OTP).

C. Petitions for new Livery Licenses by Roman Limousine Inc. and Logan Way. (OTP)

D. Petition for renewal of Taxi Cab License by Woburn Cab Co, Inc. (OTP

7. New Petitions:

A. Woburn Foreign Motors for Inflammable License at 394 Washington Street.

B. Montvale Land LLC to amend Woburn Zoning Code Sec. 28.6.2 to allow extended care facility in the Technology and Business Mixed Use Overlay District by special permit.

C. Montvale Land LLC to amend Woburn Zoning Map by changing zoning district from IG/B-I to TBOD at 0 Hill Street and 1 Washington Avenue.

D. The Dough Connection Corp. for special permit to allow overnight parking of commercial vehicles and reduction in number of parking spaces at 32A, 32B and 32C Holton Street.

E. Hill Hockey Clinic LLC for special permit to allow use of nonconforming structure for hockey training facility at 90 Blueberry Hill Road.

8. Communications and Reports:

A. Woburn Police Parking Clerk report for March 2018.

B. Jay Picone, Director of Finance relative to FY2019 Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School Assessment.

9. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None.

10. Appointments and Elections: None.

11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:

A. Order to amend City Council meeting schedule for July, August and September 2018.

B. Traffic Commission regulation for stop sign on George Avenue at Salem Avenue.

C. Traffic Commission regulation for stop sign on Robert Avenue at George Avenue.

D. Traffic Commission regulation for stop sign on Jefferson Avenue at Prospect Street.