Woburn City Council Committee on Finance

DATE 06/07/2018
TIME 6:00 pm
LOCATION Committee Room, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

Committee on Finance, meeting as a Committee of the Whole:

Discussion of the FY 2019 Budget with the following departments:

  1. Public Works – Jay Duran
  2. City Clerk – William Campbell
  3. Information Technology – David Mastronardi
  4. Law – Ellen Callahan Doucette
  5. Substance Abuse Coordinator – Richard Jolly
  6. Conservation Commission – Theresa Murphy
  7. Board of Health – Jack Fralick
  8. Assessors – Andrew Creen
  9. Council on Aging – Joanne Collins

Any other matter that may be legally before the Committees.